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  • It provides rich capabilities for enterprises to manage and maximize the value of their data assets.

  • Provide a common metadata foundation to power data intelligence applications for data analysts, data scientists, and business users.

  • The best way to expose the power of metadata is through a fit-for-purpose user experience tied to specific use cases that maximize business value.

  • Automatic schema inference

  • Automatically identifies the data formats and schemas and builds a metadata repository by eliminating the need to manually define and maintain schemas.

  • The user is able to add tags and descriptions.

  • Encrypt or decrypt their confidential data in Parquet files.

  • Manhattan can extract the schemas of several popular data formats including .avro, .parquet, .csv, and .xls files.

  • Data Engineers can manage the ingestion of files from different data sources.

  • We have 4 different types of users with different access privileges:

    • Admin: to access all privileges like User Management, Container Management, and Catalogs Management.

    • Data Owner access: to add tags and descriptions on the data catalogs.

    • Data Engineer access: for the ability to ingest files and search.

    • End-User access: only the ability to view and search the data sets.


  • Brooklyn administrator has access to assign a DataNode for a tenant. So the tenant has to request for an additional DataNode to admin of Brooklyn.

  • Brooklyn administrator have access to assign a Presto-Worker for a tenant. So the tenant has to request for an additional presto-worker to admin of Brooklyn.

As Manhattan Product creates a secure connection on HTTPS so it requires an SSL trusted certificate.

In order to build trust, we need to sign a certificate with a valid Certificate Authority. So that the browser doesn’t give such warnings.

Follow the steps to get a certificate and Import

Steps-1: Go to the URL “https://<IP-ADDRESS>/certificates “ and proceed to unsafe. It will download the CA certificate file on your system: “certificates.cer”


Steps-2: Go to chrome → Settings → Privacy and security→ Manage Certificates → Trusted Root Certification Authorities → Import → Import wizard will open → Click Next and select the downloaded .cer file → Click next and finish the wizard → then confirm to install the certificate. → Close


Step-3: To clear browser’s cache open new window and then type product URL. You will now get the trusted green pad.